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GTA 5 Online: How To Activate Cheat Codes Online!

GTA 5 Online Money Hack

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1. Create a capture gamemode using creator mode. (Make sure to save and publish and I would also suggest making the time limit to its max of 30 minutes.) Then go into a GTA 5 online public match.
2. Press the start button, go over and open up the marketplace, but when it asks to press A/X do not. Instead, go to recent players and join someones session. (If on PS3 you can have a friend invite you.) Then press A to open marketplace and join new session as well.
3. When you spawn, hold down on the D-Pad and switch your character to Michael and press A/X to complete the switch.
4. When you spawn as Michael in story mode, press start and go into creator mode.
5. Create a deathmatch, once on the next creator mode screen, hover over the exit button and repeat step 2.
6. Press RT (The Shooting Button) continously once you get into the creator mode screen again and your character should fall and die. Continue pressing until you spawn with the creator mode screen again in the sky or on the ground with your character, it will work either way.
7. Go into load creation. Click on published and immediately hold down on the D-Pad and switch to Franklin. Then press A to complete the switch. (You have to be quick!) If you don’t get it, just press be and go back to the published/saved screen and keep trying!
8. While loading keep typing in this code:
Xbox 360: B, B, Up, Up, A, A
PS3: Circle, Circle, Up, Up, X, X
Keep doing it until you load a race or anything in creator!
9. Exit the race or whatever you started to go back to the main creator screen. Then load up the capture game that you made.
10. Once on the creator screen for your gamemode, enter the cheat codes that you want and test the game. Invite your friends and enjoy!

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GTA 5 Online Money Hack

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