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GTA 5 Online Money Hack

GTA Online ALL NEW SOLO Unlimited Money Glitch 1.28 “Car Duplication Glitch” (GTA V Money Glitch) 1.26/1.28! Xbox One & PS4

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– A friend
– A cargobob
– Full garage (preferably garages like Supply St, Unit 2 Popular St, etc..)
– Fully upgraded street car

1) Grab a street car and upgrade it fully. DO NOT put a tracker on it, it will mess up the glitch!

2) Once you have done upgrading it, drive it to your garage and park it next to the blue light, so when you exit the car, you will be immediately sucked in the garage. (Must do this step or glitch won’t work)

3) At this point, exit the garage and park your car to the side so it doesn’t block the garage door. (tell your friend to keep an eye on it so it doesn’t despawn)

4) Get another random street car and tell your friend to invite you to an impromptu race, telling them to keep spamming A on start once they have invited you.

5) Pull up the invite on your phone to where you will be accepting the impromptu race to start it, then park the street car so that it’s about a foot away from the garage door.

6) Press A/X to accept it, wait for the phone to go down, hit the gas button and immediately spam A/X really fast.

7) Both cancel out of the race and at this point, get into the fully upgraded street car drive it into your garage. DO NOT press any buttons, even if you see the garage full message! It will automatically pull you into your garage.

8) Replace any vehicle you want with the dupe car, then walk back outside and you will see that the dupe car is outside but invisible. (sometimes you can see it which is good, just continue with the glitch)

9) Grab another vehicle to push the invisible dupe car to the middle of the road so that your friend can pick it up with the cargobob, once they are able to hook onto it, you will see that the car is visible again.

10) Press Y or Δ to teleport into the dupe car (while your friend has it hooked onto the cargobob about 5 feet up the air), then park the car so both sides are blocked and that you’re able to teleport out of the car.

11) Once again, grab another random street car and tell your friend to invite you to the impromptu race whilst spamming A on start.

12) Pull up your invite and accept the mission, as soon as phone goes down, hit gas and spam A/X really fast.

13) Teleport into the dupe car by pressing Y or Δ and then simply drive it into your garage (it will automactically take you in there, don’t press any buttons). Replace any vehicle you want and walk back outside.

14) Rinse and repeat from step 9!

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GTA 5 Online Money Hack

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