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GTA 5 PC Mod Showcase – THE ELECTRO MOD! (Funny Moments)

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Hey guys, welcome back to another GTA V video! Today SkyVsGaming is joined by Mithzan for a GTA Electro mod! This mod allows you to play as Electro, the zappy fellow from The Amazing Spiderman 2. It gives Sky the ability to fly around as a little electric ball, and he exercises this power by flying into a blimp and popping it. Sky and Max argue about whether The Amazing Spiderman was Marvel or Sony, with Max adamantly claiming it to be Sony and Sky saying it was definitely Marvel Studios because he remembers the logo. Max licks Sky’s hand, and we move on. Sky showcases his Electro powers by shoving cars and smacking people – he even turns one poor driver into the Human Torch. Their argument heats up when Max fact checks and finds that he was right, The Amazing Spiderman 1 and 2 were made by Sony Pictures, thereby taking place in the X-Men universe. Sky punches a car miles into the air and it lands perfectly on the highway, where its chill driver merely vrooms away. Max continues to be proud about winning his argument with Sky, and Sky shows how to steal electricity from cars when your energy level gets low. Sky glitches pretty hard and teleports through the map, and Max realizes that with this new found ability they won’t have to pay to get into the strip club, so Sky heads over. Along the way he finds his superhero nemesis, Amish Man, who can really take a punch. Sky glitches next to a street bench and can’t move, but with the power of Max’s bitching, Sky is set free. He speculates that Electro looks like an electric scrotum, which is just not something he would mess with if he saw it on the street. He decides to do something good for once, so he avenges a hit and run victim by blowing up the offending car – and that’s the story of how Sky and Max opened their first restaurant, The Good Murder. Sky punches a car up into the air, then transforms into his electric form to chase it and punch it again. It doesn’t work at first, but it ends up being really cool, trust me. Sky reunites with his arch-nemesis Amish Man and they engage in their fiercest battle yet. Sky saps energy from a taco truck and that’s finally one step too far – the cops are after him. Sky heads into the sky to punch a blimp out of existence, but he glitches and becomes Chaos Elemental instead. Being unable to fix it this time, Sky wraps up the video. That’s it for this GTA V Electro mod – thanks for watching!
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