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GTA 5 PC Mod Showcase – THE OPEN EVERYTHING MOD! Ft. Majestic Hippy (Funny Moments)

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Welcome back to another GTA video, recruits! Today SkyVsGaming is playing the GTA V Open Everything Mod with RedVacktor! In this Open Everything Mod, you have the freedom to go everywhere in GTA that you can’t normally get to. Jumping into the game, an NPC tries to start a fight with Sky while Sky is innocently ridiculing his own violent-hippy-looking character. Sky decides to get to his destination by running gracefully, like a gazelle – and by this he means jumping and face planting, or, more frequently, falling over on innocent bystanders. Sky reunites with his sidekick Fat Mama Sausage, then steals a motorcycle to find these famed, normally off-limits spots. When Sky crashes into a Hummer, he and Red discuss the assumption that all Hummer owners have small wieners; Sky wonders if, for example, he wanted a Hummer, does that mean he has a small dick? Red informs us that the wiener does not get small until you officially own the Hummer – the transformation happens as the keys hit your hands. Just as Sky is about to enter a new spot, he’s shot brutally from behind and dies. Sky and Red finally find somewhere – a building under construction. Sky climbs to the top of the bell tower and jumps off. Red mentions his arrest record as Sky enters a fine jewelry store, and Sky discusses fans finding YouTubers on servers and showing their affections by punching them. Red realizes that the mod opens places that you can go on GTA story missions, but which are closed to you after the fact. Sky admires the vending machine in LifeInvader headquarters, then he jumps at the people at the front desk in the hopes that they’ll give him a job. That’s extremely unlikely, not least of all because Sky killed one of the desk attendants when he gently brushed his arm. Sky decides to see if the other secretary is as weak, and kills him in passing as he falls to the floor just past him. Sky hunts a stampede of pedestrians in a taco truck, but beneath his hard shell exterior, he’s just a soft taco. Sky starts texting and driving and nothing good comes of it (don’t text and drive, friends). Red requests to have the office gang’s faces put onto Laser Force, and this prompts Sky to rap about Mad Max. Sky and Red have some fun in a bar, then close out the video and wrap up this GTA V Open Everything mod! Thanks for watching!

GTA 5 Online Money Hack

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