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GTA 5 PC Mod Showcase – THE SWORD ART ONLINE MOD! (Funny Moments)

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Hey guys, welcome to another GTA V video! Today SkyVsGaming is joined by House_Owner for the Sword Art Online GTA V mod! Sky is masquerading as Sinon (who, by the way, has a killer butt – even if it does come unattached when she falls over). Sky decides that his character is just a rogue cosplayer on the run – he’s trying to escape the cops, but turns to face them when he can’t outrun them. He upperchops a poor cop, and Sky thinks Kirito would be disappointed in this rendition of Sinon. Sky reveals that he didn’t watch Sword Art Online past the first season, so Ross recaps for him: Sinon is terrified of guns and plays Gun Gale – wherein she’s a gun-toting badass. Sky runs across an “ass heroes” sign, and Ross tells him that he’ll glass his ass then holds his hand up for a high-five. Sky does not comply, until several minutes later, when Ross says “anime”. Sinon can’t go up ladders, and her arm appears to have a pole in it. In Sky’s next engagement with the cops, he uses his stun gun to shoot a police officer in the dick. Ross discusses how Tai Lopez is a god in a human body – I mean, he understands fuel units, so…you can’t beat that. Sky robs a bald man of his car and it makes him grow hair, and Ross dons a fedora. Ross starts tipping his hat and talking about being a gentleman, and things get pretty scary pretty quickly. Thankfully, he takes the fedora off. Sky talks about his favorite episode of Sword Art Online – the one where Sinon starts flying with rockets on her feet. Ross gives a spoiler and Sky morphs into a dolphin (for which Ross supplies the perfect dolphin noise). Ross starts munching on the tag from the fedora, and Sky takes us to the flex zone. Sky tries to steal the police choppers hovering around him, and Ross speculates about what’s going on over the police radios – “unidentified flying anime character, be warned, will attack your helicopter.” Ross gives an actual SAO spoiler and Sky rockets into an airborne plane, then Sky shows Ross his pro strats by smashing into the ground and dying. That’s it for this GTA V Sword Art Online mod – thanks for watching
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