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GTA 5 PC Online Funny Moments – EVERY BULLET COUNTS! | THE ANGRY COW RETURNS ! (Custom Games)

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Hey guys, welcome to another GTA V video! Today SkyVsGaming joins up with his ragtag bunch of misfits House_Owner, ThatGuyBarney, and RedVacktor to play some Grand Theft Auto V! Sky apologizes for putting his fans through his antics every day, then we hop right into Every Bullet Counts! Or as Sky likes to call it, Swinging An Axe At Each Other For Like 30 Minutes (SAAAEOFLM?) – you can see why most people opt for Every Bullet Counts. Sky dons an angry bull face, Red plays a bear, Ross is America Man, and Barney is wolf. Ross shoots Sky down right out the gate, and the round ends quickly with Barney victorious. Red tries to lure victims with promises of timeshares, but Sky’s too smart for him – or just stupid enough to not be able to get to the part of the bank that Red’s in. Red and Ross kill each other with one punch, and Sky sneaks up on Barney and kills him with a machete. Barney shoots at Sky, but Sky’s moves are too sick for Barney to handle. Sky machetes Ross, Ross calls Red deaf, and Sky machetes Red, even though Red had superior fire power. Red threatens Sky with death unless he reveals himself so he can collect his taxes, and when Sky doesn’t comply, Red kills him. Meanwhile, Barney kills Ross and searches for his next victim. Red the bear hunts Barney for his honey, but Barney is a superior fighter and wins the round. Sky invites everyone to the center of the bank to fight without guns, then shoots at Barney when he joins him. When he runs out of ammo, he declares the fight melee only, for real this time. Barney accuses Balls Man of cheating, and Ross accuses Balls Man of eating bull balls. Sky kills Red after Red tries to surprise kill him, then Barney kills Sky when Sky accidentally attacks a wall. Ross shamefully admits that he didn’t win a single round, and distracts us with the fact that it’s National Cereal Day. In the next game Sky dresses as a cat, Red dons an owl head, and while they duke it out over a 99% interest rate, Ross the trash panda joins the fight and kills both of them, winning the round. Barney stabs Red, and it’s down to Ross and Barney the fox. Barney tries to sell Ross something while he stabs him. Barney stole Ross’ raccoon hat, stole his identity, bought a lot of anime, and shipped it somewhere that isn’t Ross’ house. In the next round, Sky jumps Red with a machete, and Barney and Sky trash talk Jerry and Sarah. Barney asks Sky to lock him in the safe so he can play a prank on Sarah when she finally comes into work. Things quickly devolve and Sky beats Barney to death and wins the round. Sky and Red admire a fire hydrant (more commonly known as a fire extinguisher), Sky beat boxes, Sky kills Red, and Sky sings about Ross the Boss before running into Ross’ fight with Barney and killing Barney. Ross the Boss kills Sky, wins the game, and tells his friends that he’s going to lick everything they love. That’s it for this GTA V Every Bullet Counts! Thanks for watching!
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GTA 5 Online Money Hack

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